Our Successful Results

$3,950,000 – Mediation recovery for man who suffered quadriplegia injury as a result of fall down incident.  Our client was an anesthesiologist reporting for duty at a hospital.  In the hospital lobby one of the elevators was under construction. The hospital  placed a buckled floor mat that caused our client to stumble and fall. We got testimony from the former head of housekeeping that mat was prone to folds and was not taped to the floor.  Our client caught the heel of his shoe on a buckle in the mat and fell backwards and struck the back of his neck on a couch adjacent to the elevator.

$3,000,000— Recovered for family in case against neonatologists and hospital where pre-mature twins were discharged from hospital and died within three and a half weeks of birth. Evidence included fact of relationship between doctor and health insurance provider seeking to limit benefit payments.

$1,500,000—Jury verdict for 75-year-old man burned on 35 percent of his body when using Naphtha, a flammable cleaner with inadequate warnings.

$1,450,000— Settlement for passenger in car that struck barricade that had not been removed at the end of road construction project.

$1,275,000— Mediated recovery for 58 year old elevator mechanic that slipped and fell on slippery coating on roof of a high rise as he and co workers attempted to access elevator housing. Client had multiple back surgeries and now walks with a cane.

$1,250,000— settlement for driver in auto collision who suffered aggravation of pre-existing spondylolisthesis requiring surgical fusion.

$1,200,000— Settlement against hospital for failure to perform earlier C-section causing cerebral palsy.

$1,200,000— settlement for steelworker who fell off wall at construction project and required a knee replacement

$1,000,000—settlement for brain injured child against obstetrician and hospital.

$900,000—wrongful death settlement against Illinois Toll Authority for improper snow plowing that mad a slope like embankment that caused car to be launched into the air.

$862,000—Arbitration award for severe ankle fracture with surgery after fall in hole at farm in Iowa.

$690,000—Settlement for woman against podiatrist who performed surgery on her foot utilizing a surgical lamp that was missing appropriate filter. Our client suffered burn injuries due to her exposure to the dangerous lighting.

$600,000—Settlement for woman with brain injury when knocked down by tractor trailer in low-speed collision.

$550,000— Federal court mediation of life insurance policy proceeds dispute. Benefits recovered on behalf of ex-wife of a decease man who had a life insurance policy providing in excess of $1,000,000.00 in benefits. The claim was disputed by life insurer and decedent’s father.

$520,000— Pre trial conference conducted on a two-vehicle crash involving tractor trailer. Collision caused severe anoxic brain injury rendering client comatose.

$512,000— Settlement for injured worker who underwent two back surgeries following the crash of an interior train car at a paint factory.

$500,000— Arbitration award, on underinsured motorist claim, for bicyclist struck by car with two back surgeries.

Confidential—settlement of case against rental truck company for fatal injuries caused by its rental pick up truck. We alleged and proved the rental company’s failure to get a written contract for the lease, its failure to get the vehicle returned on a timely basis and its failure to preserve the vehicle for inspection after the collision.

$475,000— for wrongful death of truck driver injured due to defective vehicle and failed safety procedure at loading dock. Fatal crush injury was captured on videtape.

$450,000-  Recovered for client on case arising from severe burns suffered in high rise apartment building fire; defendant property owner failed to maintain properly functioning smoke alarms and smoke detectors.

$410,000—settlement of construction site fall causing elbow injury requiring surgery.

$400,000 – Disability insurance policy claim resolved at federal court mandated mediation.   Our client was a physician who developed a medical condition that impaired her ability to properly and fully perform her professional occupation tasks. Insurer denied claim for 4 years until weeks before trial.

$400,000—Mediated settlement for young man who sustained complex patella fracture in auto collision and pulmonary embolism during surgery.

$400,000– Mediation recovery for bicyclist struck by car. He sustained traumatic brain injury causing cognitive and functional impairments including loss of memory and word finding difficulty

$390,000—Mediated settlement for 10 year old child who suffered near drowning in hotel pool and suffered anoxic brain injury requiring special education due to disabilities. Child was under water for 6 minutes and survived due to mammalian response of body which shut off breathing and thus preserved her brain.

$375,000—Jury verdict for family of 19-year-old who hung himself in suburban Chicago jail.

$370,000 plus waiver of $300,000 – workers compensation lien on product liability claim. Client injured when nuclear medicine shipping box handle broke. Uncovered evidence was that box handle regularly broke and manufacturer and distributor failed to alter design and failed to warn of problem. Box was discontinued and new safe device in place.

$350,000—settlement for an Amtrak employee who was in an auto collision and then injured on job.

$300,000 (policy limits)—Arbitration award for death in fire case involving inoperable smoke detectors.

$300,000—Recovered from employee life insurance policy benefits obtained on behalf of children whose father was killed in a work-related incident.

$285,000—Settlement for pedestrian struck in ankle by vehicle driving on sidewalk.

$280,000– Settlement for premises liability claim arising from assault in apartment building.

$268,000—Jury verdict against orthopedic surgeon who performed three unnecessary hip surgeries on 40-year-old plaintiff.

$250,000– Uninsured motorist claim arbitration award for woman who suffered severe wrist fracture requiring surgical repair.

$250,000—Mediation recovery for 20-year-old college student due to 30 foot fall through rooftop skylight while at party.  Client sustained multiple injuries including wrist fracture requiring surgery, hip fracture and facial scarring. Evidence was that property owner new that tenant had partied on roof and that rooftop skylights were in bad condition.

$248,000— Jury verdict to man stabbed in neck at Chicago bar; spent seven days in hospital with no residual effects.

$240,000— Civil rights settlement for family of woman not given her inhaler in lock-up.

$231,000– Pre trial conference settlement for construction worker sustained severe elbow injury while working on Midway Airport project. 25-year-old steel worker was in manlift working under dangerous, slippery, windy, snowy conditions.

$225,000— Arbitration award to woman bit in hand by sister’s dog while at sister’s house for Christmas.

$215,000—Truck driver injured when he stepped on cardboard box placed between back of truck bed and dock obscuring gap where driver fell.

$215,000— Pre trial conference settlement for man who sustained lumbar disc herniation requiring surgery and internal knee injury when he fell while descending stairs of rental home.

$200,000—Arbitration award, on uninsured motorist claim, for aggravation of pre-existing lumbar herniated disc for 50-year-old male in auto collision.

$195,000—Decubitus ulcers that developed on 90-year-old female.

$180,000—Decubitus ulcers that developed on 80-year-old male.

$175,000—Auto collision claim for herniated lumbar discs.

$154,000—Arbitration award in contested premises liability claim. Client 64-year-old female tripped on crack in walkway leading to apartment building. Fell and broke her arm. Landlord and insurance company denied liability.

$160,000 – for ankle fracture due to fall on snow and ice on apartment steps. Landlord provided in lease that he would repair steps and provide lighting which he failed to do.

$135,000– Underinsured motorist claim arbitration award for Chicago firefighter, struck while on bicycle and sustained injurey including rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.

$130,000 – Mediated recovery for 75-year-old female client who suffered hip fracture when medical care driver failed to assist client to vehicle.

$115,000- our client suffered multiple bone fractures in her ankle due to broken pavement in city parking lot; defendant city repaired and repaved defective pavement shortly after the fall, thus making lot safe for pedestrians.

$100,000— Recovery of life insurance policy proceeds for unmarried life partner in dispute with children of deceased.

$100,000— Arbitration award for herniated cervical disc for 35-year-old wife and mother.

$37,500 – Arbitration award for our client who suffered traumatic amputation of finger tip when moving truck lift closed on his finger ; recovery received from truck rental company; our case alleged failure of company to instruct users on safety rules for using lift gate.

$25,000 – Recovered burial life insurance policy benefits arising from death of our client’s brother; life insurance company initially denied claim based on alleged application misrepresentation.

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